Today we are going to review the best cheap cell phone plans currently available on the web. The goal here is to find the most affordable monthly mobile phone plans that also include a top-of-the-line modern cell phone to go along with the service.

The first carrier we are going to review is AT&T and they need no introduction. So what plans does AT&T have that can save us some serious money? The best plan AT&T has that is not prepaid as of this writing is for $35 a month and that is pretty affordable for this day and age. Let’s see what this mobile plan offers. The plan is under their mobile share flex and it comes with 1 gigabyte of data, it also allows you to share data with all of your personal Wi-Fi devices and there are no overage charges if you happen to exceed your data allowance.

at&t mobile phone plan dealsThat sounds a little too good to be true right? Another benefit of the mobile share flex plan for only $35 a month is you get unlimited talk and text and your data rolls over into the next month. The big catch with this plan is after your allocated data usage of 1 GB your speed will then be slowed down to 128 kilobytes per second. Well, let’s face it, this is not a whole lot in today’s high bandwidth internet world.                                     

Okay so now we know the limitations of the plan which is obviously that 1 gigabyte of high-speed data is not much but for $35 a month this still can potentially save a lot of greenbacks. Let’s find out what this affordable AT&T plan will offer us for a phone. AT&T offers a wide selection of the latest phones to go along with your plan and they even allow you to make monthly payments on the phone you choose to buy.

cheap cell phone plans They currently have the Apple iPhone X for just $33.34 a month but of course, this would be tacked on to your monthly phone plan. This is still fairly reasonable considering the retail cost of the iPhone X approaches close to $1000. If you want to lower your monthly payment but still have a top-of-the-line iPhone but not the latest model AT&T offers the iPhone 8 for only $23.34 a monthIf you don’t mind stepping back even further they have the iPhone 7 right now coming in at an affordable $18.34 a month.

What about the Android phones offered? AT&T has the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at $31.67 per month. If you want the latest in technology that’s going to save you from dishing out a lot of cash upfront versus having to buy out one in full. AT&T also has at the latest LG phone the V30 for $26.67 a month and the Samsung Galaxy S8 active for $28 a month.  As you can see there’s no shortage of options for phones to go along with your AT&T plan.

Now you might ask what is the cheapest phone to go along with your $35 a month AT&T plan with unlimited talk-and-text? Let’s see what they have right now. AT&T has the Samsung Galaxy J7 for just $8 a month. If you were to add this Samsung Android phone to your $ 35-month plan you’re looking at around $38 a month before taxes and fees for your unlimited talk-and-text and 1GB of data. The phone while modern is definitely not a top of the line Samsung Android cell phone but it’s not a bad phone either. Well now that we know the best overall deal at AT&T for a phone and a cheap plan let’s see if we can find if any other carriers have a better deal waiting for us.

cheap cell phone plans at total wirelessThe next carrier we are going to explore for a super cheap cell mobile plan and a phone is Total Wireless. They have some pretty amazing deals so let’s dive into some of them right now. Total Wireless is offering the Samsung Galaxy S8 for $55 a month. Now I know what you might be thinking, that sounds kind of expensive however this includes the $35 a month service plan also. Plus the Galaxy S8 is the latest and greatest Samsung technology that is currently on the market.                                                     

If you are an iPhone user and detest Samsung for some reason don’t worry Total Wireless has the iPhone 7 included a plan for just $55 a month. That is pretty affordable for a good iPhone and as well as a plan to go along with it. These are the 2 best mobile phone specials Total Wireless is currently offering. Let’s see if anyone else can beat these.



cheap phone plans at best buyBest Buy is running a pretty amazing deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Sprint and they’re offering it for as little as $8 a month. That includes a savings of $418 off the price of the phone. I’m not sure how long this deal is going to last but it’s definitely the best one we’ve come across so far.


Best Buy has another pretty amazing deal also and it’s the iPhone X with 64GB, which runs on Sprint, for just $41 a month. Not only that but Best Buy is going to even throw in a $150 store gift card. So can we even find an even better deal on a cell phone plan? Let’s find out.

The next phone retailer we’re going to visit is Walmart which is known as the low price leader. Let’s see if they can continue to hold onto that status for finding us the best cheap monthly cell phone plan combined with a decent phone.

Walmart has the Samsung Galaxy Sol 2 with Cricket Wireless starting at just $30 a month and this is also with no annual contract. If you’re the type that does not want to be locked into a 24-month contract this is not a bad way to go. This is the most affordable plan we’ve covered so far and without a monthly contract, it does make it attractive.

cheap phone plans at WalmartThe previous plans that we covered though did come with higher-end smartphones. In the end, if you do not need the latest and greatest flashy smartphone going with a $30 a month Cricket plan is probably your best bet to save the most money.

A close runner-up to Cricket would be the $35 a month AT&T plan which may even be better overall. This is if don’t mind leasing an expensive phone on top of the base plan though. Another advantage of going with AT&T is their network will likely have more consistent coverage over the Cricket network which is a smaller carrier.

I hope this piece in our quest to help you find the cheapest cell phone plan that also comes with a modern phone helps in your quest to become a smarter consumer. Use those extra hard earned dollars on something a little more important than a $100-month mobile plan or even a $1000 cell phone.

Stephen Steighner

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