If you are looking to save some serious cash then you are not going to want to miss this write up. We are going to show you the best Samsung Galaxy deals online available right now. Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones is best known for the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S Series. These are the 2 premium lines but they also have other lesser known Galaxy phone models that are priced for a lot less. We are going to cover both types for the purpose of this buyers guide. So let’s get into today’s deals!

The Best Samsung Galaxy Phones Under $50Best Buy is offering a free $250 gift card right now with the purchase and activation of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 with Sprint. Both of these phones are state of the art and considered by many to be the best mobile phones currently on the market.               

The next great deal we found on a cheap Samsung Galaxy phone is from Verizon and they are currently offering a Samsung Galaxy S8 for free with the purchase of the first phone.

This is a is an amazing deal to be able to get Samsung’s latest model smartphone for free and the overall value comes in around at $700 saved on the second Galaxy S8.

We also found another great deal from Verizon but this time it’s for a Samsung Galaxy S7. With a payment of only $15.82 a month. This offers a substantial savings of $100 off this phone. This is a great bargain for a recent, award-winning smartphone from Samsung.

The Best Samsung Galaxy Phones Under $50The Best Samsung Galaxy Phones Under $50The next deal we have dug up is from AT&T and they currently have the Samsung Galaxy S7 with 32GB coming in at only $12.66 a month. This is cheaper than even the previous Verizon

This next Samsung Galaxy deal we found is from Total Wireless and they are currently offering the Samsung Galaxy Luna Pro for only $49, which is $100 off their regular price. Combine this with the fact that you also get a $25 a month service plan with total Wireless and the savings just don’t get much better!

The Luna Pro is a  modern Samsung Galaxy phone that includes 4G LTE, a large display screen of 5 inches and a 5-megapixel camera. The phone is also rated for a talk time of up to 25 hours per charge. 

The Best Samsung Galaxy Phones Under $50On this next deal, we found a Samsung Galaxy S7 with 32GB that rings in for just for $16 a month on US Cellular. The great thing about this deal is you’ll also receive a $100 US Cellular gift card if you are

Here is another Samsung Galaxy deal out there we found for under $50. Walmart currently has a Samsung Luna Pro 16 GB for only $49. This includes 2-day free shipping and on a prepaid plan, so there are no contracts to commit to for a year or two like a lot of other plans.

The Best Samsung Galaxy Phones Under $50If you’d rather go month-to-month and not be locked in an expensive long-term phone contract this is probably the best Samsung Galaxy deal that we have found overall. The Luna Pro has a 5 inch HD display, a 5-megapixel camera, 16GB of memory storage and it runs the Android 7 Operating System. And you get all of this for under $50 which is a pretty good deal.


The Best Samsung Galaxy Phones Under $50And there are people spending upwards of $1000 on the latest iPhone X? They either know something we don’t or perhaps they are just not smart with their money? If there is Walmart near you can even pick this Luna Pro phone up on the same day in the store after ordering it online.


If you are looking to squeeze your hard earned dollars even further and none of the above Samsung Galaxy phone deals work for you then you will want to definitely check out eBay. We are coming across some amazing deals on Samsung Galaxy phones on eBay.  eBay literally has thousands of Samsung Galaxy phones listed for under $50 at the time of this writing.

So if you are looking to save some serious cash when shopping for your next Samsung phone then you may want to jump on one of these amazing phone deals. There is no real reason to spend upwards of $1,000 these days on a fancy overpriced smartphone unless you just have the cash to burn. 

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